Andrea Racciatti/Juan Bobbio

Andrea Racciatti was born in Rosario, Argentina and has a Visual Arts degree from the National University of Rosario. She co-ordinates with Cristina Ghetti the international project Red Nómade, a contemporary artistic and intellectual intervention collective. She works in painting, digital art and video art and has participated in national and international solo and group exhibitions since 1980, including: La Noche, Jacques Martínez Gallery, Buenos Aires, 2009. Impresiones Urbanas / Urban Impressions, Círculo de Bellas Artes, Valencia, Spain and VVVgallery 2007; El sutil vértigo de la imagen / The subtle vertigo of the image, Spanish Cultural Centre, Rosario, 2005; Kiss me DVD, 6´ in The Gene Siskel Film Center, Chicago, USA; FIVU Montevideo, Uruguay; International Video Dance Festival, Buenos Aires; Danza em Foco in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; Postfotografías, la desrealidad de la imagen /Postphotographs, the unreality of the image in Recoleta Cultural Centre, Buenos Aires, 2004; Touring exhibition En busca de la belleza real / In search of true beauty 2005-6; Universal shipping box, Buenos Aires, Manchester, Berlín artists' exchange in 2010 and Ospite Inatesso, Tamangos Films, Buenos Aires, in 2011. Her work is represented by Jacques Martinez Gallery, Buenos Aires and she lives and works in Buenos Aires.

Born in November 1984. After two years of literature studies at the University of Buenos Aires (UBA), he decides to study at the National University Institute of Audiovisuals (IUNA). As a director, editor and script writer, he has done two short films that have been selected at numerous festivals at Argentina and all around the world: “Interestratos” and “De cómo A venció al Anomal”, and a video clip for the underground rock band “Olfa Meocorde”, titled “Gareca”. He is the director and co-founder of the independent film company “La Conciencia Films”. As a member of Fundesur foundation, wins the 2010 support of the “Fondo Nacional de las artes” for a documentary project named “En el camino”. At the moment he is post-producting his third short film, titled “El Demócrata”, and has just been selected to participate in the 6th Talent Campus Buenos Aires.

Interestratos. Video. 2010

"Interestratos" still de video- DV cam ntsc 5,48´- 2009.
Juan Bobbio-Andrea Racciatti

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