Lucia M. Aguirre & Tricia Chicka

Lucia M. Aguirre / L’aguirre Arts
Lucia M. Aguirre is an award-winning architect, published artist, and playwriter originally from Mexico City, but who’s called Pittsburgh her home since 1995 where she earned a BArch in Architecture w/a Minor in Architectural History from Carnegie-Mellon University in 2001. In her daily work as an architect, her main focus has been new building design construction with an emphasis in sustainable design. While with under the name “L’aguirre Arts” she explores her other interests: film, photography, light, interdisciplinary arts, the analysis of patterns, and dream collection. Her main artistic body of work evolves around her on-going “Labyrinths” series, which was started while studying in Spain back in 1998. The pieces are a series of ‘mental travels’ in which she organizes through monochromatic images the different stages of her life /thought process.

Tricia Chicka is a multimedia artist living in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, currently working for a technical publishing company creating video and other digital web content. Her artistic projects often consist of layers, introspection and memory.  Her 2005 senior thesis project East Liberty: Mapping Invisible Lines focuses on place memory, map-making, historical reference and live footage and weaves these layers together using digital and analog animation, video and still photographs.  She has a great love of using multiple mediums to achieve a message in her art and will often take on projects beyond her current skill level to learn new programs and processes.

Lucia M. Aguirre 

Tricia Chicka

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